April 13, 2023

Best Hotel Near Perch Putt in Tysons, VA

One of many reasons to come stay with here at The Watermark Hotel in Tysons, Virginia? The amazing “park in the sky” known as The Perch, which sits atop the rooftop of our neighbor Capital One Hall and comes directly connected to our luxury all-suite hotel.

And among numerous attractions up there in that sky-high greenspace, don’t miss Perch Putt, a new 18-hole mini-golf course decked out with eats, drinks, and good times—all within shouting distance of your Watermark Hotel suite!

Introducing Perch Putt

Who doesn’t like mini-golf? And even if somehow you do—no judgment—Perch Putt and The Perch in general have plenty to offer in the entertainment and leisure departments.

After all, the low-pressure, delightfully designed putt-putt greens themselves are only part of the appeal here. That course comes well supported by a couple of food trucks and a tropically themed bar housed in a retro-style Greyhound and a double-decker bus.

The Rhum Roost pours a variety of libations that pair well with mini-golf, from cocktails (such as the Golfer’s Tonic and the Swing Easy) and frozen drinks to beer, wine, soda, and coconut water.

In the grub department, you’re equally well covered given Perch Putt’s street-food-style vendors. After all, there’s jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtail stew, beef or chicken patties, mac-and-cheese, and other flavorful, soul-nourishing repast on offer at Grandpa Hank’s Jamaican Chicken. Or take your putting-inspired appetite over to the equally awesome Los Dos Carlos Street Tacos.

With ample seating at picnic tables—and impressive views out over the Tysons cityscape, given the 11th-floor vantage—it’s hard to beat Perch Putt and its food-and-drink options for wiling away an afternoon or evening during your stay with us here at The Watermark Hotel.

Events at Perch Putt

Perch Putt’s a great spot to add to your itinerary if holding an event here at The Watermark and/or Capital One Hall. What better social activity to break up a work retreat or enhance a family reunion or party than mini-golfing?

Other Rooftop Fun & Leisure at The Perch

Besides Perch Putt, the elevated village green atop Capital One Hall has much else to tempt you skyward. Other attractions include the open-air Perch Amphitheater, which hosts plays and concerts and screens sports games and other events. Sudsy socializing awaits in the Starr Hill Biergarten (within view of the amphitheater). And mini-golf isn’t the only gameplay to enjoy up here: There are also bocce-ball courts and a giant chessboard.

There’s even a sculpture garden for a little bit of 11th-story art appreciation!

Check Out Perch Putt During Your Next Stay at The Watermark Hotel in Tysons, VA

With spring unfolding and summer on the horizon, we highly recommend spending some quality time up at The Perch—including its mini-golf course, of course—when you next avail yourself of our premium hospitality here at The Watermark Hotel in Tysons, Virginia’s Capital One Center!