January 18, 2024

Best Hotels near Tysons, VA Cocktail Lounges

In the heart of Tysons Corner, where modernity meets timeless elegance, a symphony of clinking glasses and laughter dances through the air. As we embark on a journey through the city’s sophisticated cocktail culture, we invite you to experience the art of libation in a manner that mirrors the opulence and refinement of The Watermark Hotel. Join us as we explore four exceptional cocktail lounges – Salt, Air, Wren, and the virtual realm of DMV Spirits – each a testament to Tysons Corner’s commitment to the craft of mixology.

Salt – A Whiskey Bar

Our first stop on this curated journey is Salt, a whiskey connoisseur’s sanctuary located just a short drive away in Rosslyn. Much like The Watermark Hotel’s dedication to providing an exceptional stay, Salt is committed to offering a refined whiskey experience in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Picture yourself at Salt, surrounded by the warm glow of amber liquids lining the shelves. The signature cocktail, “Tysons Reserve,” beckons with its harmonious blend of local whiskey, honey, and aromatic bitters. As you sip this concoction, you’ll find that every nuance of flavor is a celebration of craftsmanship, echoing the attention to detail that defines The Watermark Hotel.

Stepping into Salt is akin to entering a private library of fine spirits, where the amber hues of whiskey bottles create an enchanting ambiance. The “Tysons Reserve” cocktail, with its carefully balanced notes, pays homage to the local whiskey scene. Much like The Watermark Hotel, Salt’s commitment to quality and curated experiences transforms a simple visit into an indulgent exploration.

The intimate setting at Salt allows for meaningful connections, whether you’re sharing a dram of rare whiskey with friends or savoring a signature cocktail crafted by their expert mixologists. The Watermark Hotel’s dedication to creating a space that feels like a home away from home resonates in Salt’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

Air – A Rooftop Lounge

Next, we ascend to new heights with Air, Tysons Corner’s rooftop oasis. Similar to The Watermark Hotel’s commitment to providing an elevated experience, Air invites you to revel in the captivating views of the cityscape while indulging in expertly crafted cocktails.

The “Skyline Serenity,” a refreshing blend of gin, elderflower, and citrus, captures the essence of Tysons Corner’s dynamic spirit. As you lounge on the rooftop, enveloped in the contemporary ambiance, you’ll discover that each sip at Air is a testament to the fusion of modernity and sophistication, a sentiment akin to The Watermark Hotel’s approach to luxury.

Ascending to Air’s rooftop lounge is a sensory journey that mirrors the spirit of Tysons Corner itself – vibrant, cosmopolitan, and always evolving. The “Skyline Serenity” cocktail, with its refreshing blend of flavors, becomes a metaphor for the city’s dynamic energy.

The panoramic views from Air’s rooftop, much like the vistas from The Watermark Hotel, create an unforgettable backdrop for your cocktail experience. It’s a space where you can unwind, engage in conversations, and immerse yourself in the contemporary allure of Tysons Corner.

DMV Spirits

While not a traditional lounge, DMV Spirits offers an innovative way to explore and bring the craft cocktail experience home. This digital platform is a reflection of Tysons Corner’s commitment to supporting local artisans, showcasing the diverse flavors produced by the region’s craft distilleries.

Visit DMV Spirits online, and you’ll find a curated selection of local spirits that you can incorporate into your own mixology adventures. It’s an opportunity to embrace the creative spirit of Tysons Corner, mirroring The Watermark Hotel’s dedication to fostering a sense of community and celebration.

Exploring the digital realm of DMV Spirits adds a unique layer to our cocktail adventure. This platform, championing local distilleries, aligns with Tysons Corner’s ethos of supporting artisans and celebrating the diversity of flavors in the region.

The creative freedom DMV Spirits offers allows you to become a mixologist in the comfort of your own space. Just as The Watermark Hotel fosters a sense of community, DMV Spirits encourages you to connect with local distilleries and join the narrative of Tysons Corner’s burgeoning craft spirits scene.


As we conclude this gastronomic sojourn through Tysons Corner’s cocktail sanctuaries, we find ourselves at the intersection of luxury, innovation, and community – much like The Watermark Hotel’s ethos. Before you venture further into the rich tapestry of Tysons Corner’s cocktail culture, consider Wren as your next destination for an evening of refined libations.

Nestled in the heart of Tysons Corner, Wren stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to providing an unparalleled cocktail experience. The prime location, modern amenities, and dedication to exemplary service make it the perfect complement to the vibrant cocktail scene of Tysons Corner.

Whether you choose to unwind at Wren or explore the local lounges we’ve visited – Salt, Air, and the digital realm of DMV Spirits – may your journey be an enchanting celebration of Tysons Corner’s spirit. As The Watermark Hotel has become a symbol of luxury and elegance, let Wren be your sanctuary for an evening filled with extraordinary cocktails and unforgettable moments. Here’s to the art of mixology and the spirit of Tysons Corner!