June 7, 2024

Where to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Tysons Corner, VA

As the Fourth of July approaches, Tysons Corner, VA, transforms into a hub of patriotic celebration, offering an array of festivities for locals and visitors alike. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant locale, The Watermark Hotel provides an ideal base to experience the best of the Independence Day activities. Here’s a curated guide to making the most of your Fourth of July in Tysons Corner, ensuring a memorable holiday while staying at The Watermark Hotel.

The Perch at Capital One Center

Begin your celebrations at The Perch, an urban rooftop green space directly connected to The Watermark Hotel. This 2.5-acre park, situated 11 stories above the bustling streets, offers a unique vantage point to enjoy the day’s festivities. Stroll through the beautiful park, explore interactive modern art sculptures, and partake in lawn games. As evening approaches, find a spot to enjoy live music performances and prepare for a spectacular fireworks display. The Starr Hill Biergarten at The Perch is perfect for grabbing a refreshing drink and a bite to eat while soaking in the lively atmosphere.

Capital One Hall

Just steps away from The Watermark Hotel, the Capital One Hall is hosting special Fourth of July events. Known for its state-of-the-art performance spaces, the Hall features concerts, theatrical performances, and more. Check their schedule for any special holiday shows or performances that could add an extra layer of entertainment to your Independence Day celebrations.

Tysons Corner Center

A short distance from The Watermark Hotel, Tysons Corner Center is another great destination for Fourth of July activities. The center often hosts family-friendly events, including live music, food trucks, and kid-friendly activities. The Plaza at Tysons Corner Center is a lively spot where you can enjoy the festive ambiance, participate in games, and indulge in a variety of culinary delights. The center’s convenient location also allows for easy access to other nearby attractions and shopping.

McLean Fourth of July Celebration

Venture a little further to McLean for their renowned Fourth of July Celebration. Held at Langley High School, this event features a dazzling fireworks display, live music, and a variety of food vendors. The McLean celebration is known for its community feel and offers a great opportunity to mingle with locals and experience a traditional Independence Day celebration.

Dining at The Watermark Hotel

After a day full of festivities, return to The Watermark Hotel to unwind and enjoy a delightful dining experience. The Aviary offers an exquisite breakfast to start your day, while Wren, the hotel’s signature restaurant, provides a sophisticated dining experience in the evening. Enjoy a meal crafted from locally sourced ingredients, complemented by meticulously curated cocktails. The ambiance and culinary delights at Wren ensure a perfect end to your Fourth of July celebrations.

Comfort and Luxury at The Watermark Hotel

The Watermark Hotel’s luxurious accommodations provide the perfect retreat after a day of celebration. With spacious suites, upscale furnishings, and a range of amenities, the hotel offers a blend of comfort and sophistication. The hotel’s prime location in Capital One Center makes it an ideal spot for experiencing Tysons Corner’s Fourth of July festivities.

Whether you’re watching fireworks from The Perch, enjoying live performances at Capital One Hall, or exploring local events, The Watermark Hotel ensures your Fourth of July in Tysons Corner is unforgettable. Book your stay now to experience the best of Tysons Corner’s Independence Day celebrations while enjoying the luxurious comforts of The Watermark Hotel.