January 18, 2023

Winter Lantern Festival in Tysons, VA 

Join us here at The Watermark Hotel for luxury Northern Virginia hospitality this winter, and you can take in the very first running of a spectacular lit-up wonderland just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

We’re referring to the Winter Lantern Festival, which is making its debut in the Washington, D.C. area right here in Tysons. It’ll be on display through February 12th, so don’t wait to check it out: Join us here at one of the best hotels in Tysons Corner, VA, and experience its magic for yourself before it’s gone!

The Winter Lantern Festival in Tysons, VA

The Winter Lantern Festival opened in Lerner Town Square (8025 Galleria Dr) of the Tysons II complex before the holidays, marking the inaugural production of this dazzling event outside of New York. It’s presented by Kaleido Arts & Entertainment Group, which has staged the festival in the Big Apple for several years; this season sees it expanded to a number of other locations, with Tysons being the only one outside of the Empire State.

Better than 10,000 Chinese-style lanterns define the festival, each handmade by skilled artisans drawing on craftsmanship traditions dating back to the Han Dynasty. These silk-and-wire creations—which evoke animals (from polar bears to mammoths), Chinese mythological figures, and other intricate shapes and may stand 30 feet tall—come stunningly lit up by LED lighting.

Along with the gorgeous lantern figures, the festival includes interactive lit-up swings, seesaws, and tunnels. And there’s plenty of live entertainment and food on hand as well. All in all, it’s definitely a must-see sort of spectacle, and one conveniently enjoyed as a guest of ours here at The Watermark Hotel!

Take in the Illuminated Glories of the Winter Lantern Festival During Your Stay at One of the Top Hotels near Washington D.C.

It’s quite the thrill having the Winter Lantern Festival make its D.C.-area debut not far away from The Watermark. If you’re looking for Capital One Center hotels, we’re here to provide you with lavish, upscale hospitality—and an auspicious jumping-off point for experiencing this LED-blazing fantasia over at Lerner Town Square.

Our all-suite hotel—a stone’s throw from McLean Station along the Silver Line—includes a number of on-site establishments ideal for pairing with a visit to the Winter Lantern Festival, not least our lauded restaurant Wren.

Come stay in one of our 300 luxury suites before February 12th, so you can include the dazzlement of the Winter Lantern Festival in your Tysons, VA getaway!